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Accomodation for Groups

Sol Hotels offers you an environment so that you and your friends can have fun practising sports activities as well as relaxing beside the sea or swimming pool.

Accomodation for Groups

Accommodation for groups of friends at Sol hotels

Have the time of your life at our accommodation for groups of friends.

The Sol Hotels team wants you to have a great time with your friends. Thus, it will be happy to help all of you to design a specific leisure plan for you and your friends. The Sol Hotels personnel will tell you what beaches are in fashion, what restaurants are the most popular, which bars are the best to go to, always informing you about the best price-quality ratio.

If you and your friends prefer to enjoy the hotel itself, you may relax taking something at the poolside and meeting new friends during your stay.

Our buffets are designed to offer the best possible product quality combined with perfect preparation and meal presentation.

If you are a group of friends out for a good time to forget the daily humdrum, you are sure to enjoy Sol Hotels.


Prices per room, VAT included